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Hi, I'm
Annie Heath

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the owner, creator and crystal healer of MiniMoon Arts. 

As I hit the first birthday of my lovely small business I thought what better time to rewrite my about me section? Because looking back on the original version, I'm seeing a completely different business.

My whole life I always wanted to live off my creativity. The idea of working for someone else just didn't sit right. But I don't look on my 15-year career in retail as a failure. I look back and celebrate my successes as a manager, as a confidant to so many people and the skills I gained from it. So many times I had people asking me if I was considering becoming a councillor or making a move into the therapy world because I just seemed to be a magnet for those who were in need of comfort, guidance or simply a safe place to speak their truths. And they were right! So when I was made redundant I took the scary exhilarating leap of faith and set up MiniMoon Arts and while it has been a journey of exploration and healing through postnatal depression my whispering crystals truly brought me to my home. And now I hope to pass on that healing to others. 

My greatest desires in life were to live my creativity, and help people. And now I am with my Cosmic Armour which is just a dream come true. 

And who knew it would be my jewellery making that would be the main feature and not my art! After all, I have a degree in art and I'm a self taught jeweller! And without my amazing customers and audience showing me what they wanted, and without me listening who knows where I would be today.

So what is Cosmic Armour I hear you asking!? As a crystal healer I use my empathy and deep connection to the amazing cords that connect us all to the Earth, the cosmos and each other to create healing jewellery, sets of focus crystals or even healing rituals to help you! Channelling your energy and needs I'm able to inspire and program your crystals to help you in whatever it is you're in need of. Whether its confidence, self love, finding your voice or even issues like arthritic pain together we work out a beautiful way for you to work with the crystals, with yourself and guide you to a better place.

If you find yourself drawn to working with me please don't hesitate to contact me via the contact form on here or via my social medias! We will set up a way that is comfortable to you to work out your needs!

For now, I hope you have a fabulous day filled with magic & self love.

Annie xxx

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