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  • Annie Heath

A warm hello from MiniMoon Arts

Hello, lovely humanbeen as the BFG would put it!

I’m Annie Heath full-time mum, artist, jeweller, designer, product sorcerer, admin clerk, mess maker and well, the woman behind MiniMoon Arts! A great big welcome (with warm hugs and moonbeams) to my new blog. What a great way to kick off the next part of the journey in 2022!

This will be the first of my blogs although it’s likely I will (hopefully) be an organized person and write a block of them to be released at a sensible rate in order to help myself and my fledgling business. Even though I know for a fact that I will be chomping at the bit to release all of them in one go just because they exist, help I have a problem hah! I get over-excited, impatient and definitely would be one of those kiddies who would have one marshmallow now rather than waiting to get two later [ ]. Poor Mr Moon really does have his hands full!


So please allow me to introduce MiniMoon Arts to you! You could say I’ve been working towards this point my whole life. What I mean is that from as far back as I can remember I very stalwartly claimed that when I grew up I would be a famous professional artist! I mean, I’m not convinced I wish to be famous but I’m still adamant about the professional artist bit. I’ve done all the courses, got the degrees and ended up teaching myself more than any form of education ever did. I came away from University knowing exactly the type of artist I didn’t want to be, hidden away in a gallery and inaccessible to the everyday person! I found that I definitely did (and still do) want to create art to reach real people just like me! And you, and you and you and you! The idea of being part of an individual's carefully curated gallery at home is far more exciting and fulfilling to my arty design mind!


I always wanted to create work to make people smile, to bring a touch of whimsy and highlight the uniqueness of everything natural in this world. Within my illustrations, you will

find characters such as Little Mouse and Mushroom who have lived at the end of my pencil for many many years. You will find artworks of endangered species because they deserve to be celebrated and honoured by us and the next generation (and let us face it they are beautiful subjects). You will find wondrous creations such as crystal dragons and steampunk flying pirate hippos, these will be new in 2022. At MiniMoon Arts you will find the perfect artwork for nursery walls and kids room decor (and maybe your own walls). My hope is that my artwork will ignite curiosity and imagination in you and your little ones! I think it is super important to dress our children's surroundings with imagery that promotes questions! Our children should also have artwork that has a teaching element and allows room for the little ones, or yourselves, to tell a wonderful story! We like to call our artwork 'imagination fuel'!

You will also find bespoke custom artworks such as

my BabyWaves! Our exciting new custom artwork focuses on immortalizing the sound milestones of our gorgeous little babies. If you are curious to learn more about this stunning unique product click here to see a video explanation of how to get yours!


I think I will leave the tale of MiniMoon Arts there for now and yes, I hear you saying, but Annie...what about the jewellery? Well, the jewellery is a whole separate tentacle of my creative being and is a whole separate story! Click the button below to sign up to my email list (and get a cheeky 10% discount code) so you don't miss out on that part of the story and others if you wish to find out more about the birth and ongoing journey of MiniMoon Arts...

With sparkles, love and moonbeams, from my family to yours, have a wonderful day and I’ll see you at the top of the next one.

💜 Annie Louise 🌙

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