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  • Annie Heath

How to measure your ring size at home

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Have you ever wondered how to get your ring size without having to use professional tools?

Having chatted with a few of my regular customers I realised how many people are put off from buying rings online where they can't try them on because they don't know what ring size to choose! This is 100% understandable, before I became an avid ring maker I felt the same! So I decided to put together this little step by step guide on how to measure your ring size from the comfort of your home with everyday items you'll definitely have to hand!

Let's go!

What you will need:

  • a piece of paper

  • a pair of scissors

  • some tape - preferable washi or medical tape... regular tape is fine if that's all you have to hand!

  • a pen or pencil

  • a ruler

Step 1

Cut a thin but sturdy strip from your paper, make sure it's at least 10cm long. Don't cut it too thin as you'll want to be able to give it a little tug without it splitting!

Step 2

Take your strip of paper and put a piece of tape on it with enough hanging off the end to attach to your finger at the point you want your ring to sit. I say this because you may want to measure for a knuckle ring rather than the traditional position at the top of your finger!

Step 3

Once you have your paper strip taped to your finger wrap it around and use your pen or pencil to make a mark at the point that the paper overlaps, this will get you the circumference of your finger.

Step 4

Unwrap and remove the paper strip from your finger. Remove the tape from the paper carefully so you don't tear the end and risk altering the measurement. Put this up against your ruler and measure the length that was wrapped around your finger.

Step 5

Take that measurement and match it up to this chart and hey presto you know your ring size! Ey, how easy was that?

Please note that this ring chart has been made to specifically match the measuring tools I use for my rings so that I can make my rings to fit my client's finger needs exactly and precisely.

To create this I measured my ring sizer against a ruler. If you're buying from another ring maker ensure that you match your measurements to their specific charts. While everything should in theory be standardised it's better to be safe than sorry right?

Don't see the size you've measured on there? Totally fine, just drop me a note with your measurement and we'll get you sorted!

Step 6

Follow this link to my beautiful range of artisan rings to choose your next finger hugger!

Step 7

Join my email list here to get 10% off that finger hugging order!

wink wink nudge nudge

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this guide! I really hope it helps you to go forth boldly into the world of ring buying and ring wearing.

May your ring hugging future be wonderful,

Annie XOX

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