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  • Annie Heath

Meet the maker, a cheeky introduction into how MiniMoon Arts came to be!

The snuggliest of hugs to you!

Thank you so so much from the bottom of my sparkly heart for coming back to my blog for what is effectively part two of an introduction to Myself and MiniMoon Arts.

At the end of part one, I said I would talk about the jewellery side of the business but really I only touched on the artist side of my creative life as well. And for what you see today to have formed I’ve had to go through a lifetime of being a complete colour nerd, magpie of shiny things and obsessed with trying my hand at everything and anything creative! It’s been an incredible journey, I’m still on it and I never want it to end!


So here we go, this is my story.

Hi, my name is Rhiannon but most call me Annie, a few call me Tinker and one calls me mummy. You will find me on the punk, alternative, goth end of the spectrum and many have described me as being a unicorn fairy princess with some dragon in my heart, hey I'm a Libra what can I say? It's all about the chaos and logic balance.

Let’s start somewhere near the beginning, with a tiny little blonde girl in a flowery dress, muddy wellies and twigs in her hair. Whose main concerns are Tiny-Ted, a consistently self-emptying snail bucket and is obsessed with all things creative and a budding hoarder of pretty finds. Anything shiny, anything with a hole and anything that could be used as string to poke through said hole! I was a queen of daisy chain jewellery, even down to using dandelion sap to attach daisy heads to my lobes as earrings! Did you know you can do that? And I certainly wasn’t above dry pasta and gardeners string.

The artist side of me covered the colour enthusiast that sometimes would completely overtake me like a wild attack of cute aggression (yes I have walked into lampposts whilst ogling a particularly delicious colour) and the jewellery making covered the shiny loving magpie in me.


I always professed I would be a famous artist! Although that is no longer the goal I do still have a deep-seated desire to reach as many people with my art as I can in whatever form the piece dictates, an imagination encouraging wall art, colouring sheets or, by memorialising precious moments in time that can be lost to the flurry of life which just keeps on moving. Art and jewellery have been my lifelong love and now I have finally taken the leap to bring them to you.


So what kind of art do you do?

That's always the burning question on peoples lips when you tell them you're an artist. And frankly, it's a very difficult question to answer. Especially when you're like me and you simply just do a bit of everything, anything creative is your desire and no single style, medium or subject can tame your desire. However, if I was to boil it down to my favourites and the ones I always come back to it would be these three:

  • Fine line drawing, with dragonistic control and minute details that no one else is likely to notice.

  • Watercolour paints which yield freedom and unpredictability that I just cannot find anywhere else. A lush display of colours that take you as close to nature's un-replicable beauty as possible.

  • And more recently due to having a tiny baby attached to me I pivoted and learnt how to create digital art which really has its own quirks, charms and freedoms.

All of which you will find in the growing collection of art prints both physical and digital on the MiniMoon Arts website.


My love of jewellery making evolved from the aforementioned daisy experimentations and making jewellery from dried pasta to collecting stray jewellery, deconstructing it and making something new to form my own collections. Spending hours combing bead catalogues sending mail-in orders and waiting impatiently every day for the post to arrive. This still happens today (just online shopping instead) and is definitely a very addictive experience. I quickly progressed from cheap elastic string and acrylic beads to today where I specialise in making copper wire pieces with various gemstones, quartz and other beautiful natural materials.

Jewellery was always my "on-the-side" love, I progressed my practice quietly in the corner and never put much value in it until a shop approached me to stock them, and then came back for more! Then people started asking to purchase pieces I just happened to post on social media or that I had shown them I was working on. It was amazing that people put value in my makes and so I felt the urge to add them to my new business and they have truly flown from the shelves. In fact, my jewellery really has become the main feature which was never the original goal. And the most important part of my jewellery range is the number of times I've had new mamas tell me they chose that particular piece because it helped them feel like they were getting back to their own style and self. Which is unbelievably important and lets me know that my work isn't just carefully selected and put together pretty materials, it genuinely helps women feel amazing. If you want to take a look you can find some here!


What was the original goal? I hear you ask.

It's so hard to actually pinpoint the "original goal" but I think maybe that could be another blog because it starts with my shielding whilst pregnant and is a whole other story. If you've made it to this point you're amazing and I thank you so much, I know it's a long one

When MiniMoon Arts really became an actual entity, one that I thought could really become something, was an idea that came shortly after my redundancy and maternity leave when my little moonbeam was about 7 months old.

I had worked for the same company for 15 years in all positions from Saturday kid to store manager and the whole time I worked for them, I wanted to be working for myself and finally, when I was made redundant I got the opportunity to do that! I could have gone for another premade job somewhere and taken the easy route but life is short and the pandemic certainly didn't make me want to go back out into the wild and ship my brand new baby out there too! So I knew I wanted to do something creative but I struggled to decide on the man creative outlets to focus on. Then I had a brainwave, in the form of the BabyWave! The BabyWave was the product that the website, the branding, everything was built around.

The BabyWave was my answer to the pain of the pandemic for myself and other new parents and their families who were missing out. A small silver lining to create a connection to the babies they had missed out on seeing for over a year. And what better sound could you pick to send to your loved ones than a first giggle or a first word or as I've made recently a first sneeze! Or maybe something more serious like the gift from a mama to a papa who couldn't go to scans and hear their baby's first heartbeat. It's been a journey and one that needs honouring.


My goal with MiniMoon Arts is about making you and others feel amazing. About encouraging happiness, strength and supporting other parents. Mummys especially, who have been through so much these past couple of years on top of what a new mum would ordinarily go through. My art is to inspire and encourage questions and my jewellery is to give you that feeling of self which is something I think most mums struggle to do after birth, I'm 19 months down the line and I'm still refinding myself.

That is the ultimate goal, to help people.

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