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  • Annie Heath

This customer set my heart alight

So this blog really is a customer appreciation post and I cannot thank this person enough,

I won’t be naming names but heckiola they really transformed my month.

This particular person is an IVL (in virtual life) friend who I’ve known for a short time and developed a basic bitch bond with! I love her, she is badass and bold with just the right amount of softness to really make her exquisite. Earlier this month she approached me for some help. She asked if I could create some custom crystal jewellery to help guide her and her two amazing children through a turbulent time.

I cannot explain the overwhelming feeling that came to me with this request especially when I realised it was a situation I could really relate to. To have someone I only really know via online communication come to me for help set my heart on fire.

Because this is me, I love to help.

I find myself always being tuned in to those who just need that ear, a magnet for those who need help finding a silver lining, to help them look at something from a different direction and of course allow them to vent with the foulest of language about whatever it is that’s causing the problem, trust me, it helps!

It’s something that’s been missing in my life since the beginning of the ‘vid when I had to go into shielding at 6 months pregnant.

So I set to work, after having a consultation chat about the situation, the emotions and the outside influences I got a clear idea of each individual's needs and set to work. I took the common symptoms and built a custom selection of household gemstones I felt they should have within their shared spaces to help with the energy within the atmosphere.

I then began to work on each of them as individuals and worked on finding the correct crystals to help with their personal needs.

For each of them I selected three to four crystals that would help with different parts of their needs but would also work together in conjunction with each other.

After all part of healing is about finding inner harmony.

For each of them I created a document with the properties and particular uses of each crystal and how their benefits could be appropriated by them. The same crystal can mean something completely different to each individual and needs to be approached and activated with their unique intentions.

After the selections had been made and each of them had read through my suggestions we then set to work designing their commission pieces. This turned out to be two necklaces, one silver, one copper, of the same design and a new product that formed in my mind specifically for the third person's purpose. A worry pot, a small glass jar filled with a protection stone accompanied by a Clear Quartz on a chain big enough to fit around the wrist to be used for meditative and worry-giving purposes.

This process showed me that one size cannot fit all!

I create from the heart, from mine to my clients and every person's heart sings differently.

This experience really opened my eyes to a new pathway. I feel like a door was opened a crack, like a missing key had been gifted to me and the first glimmer of a purposeful future beyond the threshold is beckoning to me, begging me to step through.

Now I just have to be brave enough to accept the invitation.

Would you be interested in a personalised crystal piece?

Get in touch, let me know and maybe we can have a quick consultation chat about your needs!

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