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  • Annie Heath

Three gemstones for your spring wardrobe!

What are your top spring colours? Do you love to embrace the new growth of the season and wear bright and bold colours? Do you enjoy the calm of the newness, the quiet seeking of "how-to" of new life? I've put this short guide together of three of my favourite gemstones for the spring season. And funnily enough none of them are green! Although I can suggest August's birthstone Peridot if you fancy something with that gorgeous green earthy tone.

Three top gemstones for your spring wardrobe!

Colour is so subjective and that's why it's beautiful! I've chosen these three gorgeous gemstones because they're just so very spring dahling! They're all so different because you're all so different! There is always something to fit your style, your waking vibes and how you want to continue through the day. And remember not every day is the same, so it's good to have a cheeky selection available to you, that's why these three are so different in their appearance and their attributes. Let check out what I've chosen for today's cheeky lil' guide!

1. Aquamarine

The gentleness of the Aquamarine is for those who love to get up with the sun and sit and relax listening to the birds, feeling the freshness of the air flowing around them. Getting in touch with the calmness of the waking world before the chaos of the daytime begins. Wear this stone and take that snippet of calm with you through the day. If you were born in March this is absolutely the perfect stone for you as it's your birthstone!

2. Carnelian

The boldness of the Carnelian gemstone is for those who want to absorb every minute down to the last dregs of the sunset in the evenings, exploring the bright colours that are beginning to bloom all around us. Any time you start to feel the drag of the day just spend a moment to reset, stimulate that joyful energy and let this beautiful colour pop reinvigorate your courage and self-motivation.

3. Amethyst

And the classic Amethyst, the constant, the stone that is never out of fashion. The stone that is like wearing an old friend to guide you in making the right choices, the friend you whisper your secrets to and seek some calmness and serenity from. If you struggle with any kind of addiction issues this is your partner in crime, let it calm you, relieve your stress and anxiety and you’ll find the day much easier to tackle.

Born in February? Well, this is your traditional birthstone! So you definitely need some in your gemstone arsenal!

I could have added so many more colourful beauties to this lil’ spring guide but these three were the ones that really resonated with me. Which are your favourite? Let me know in the comments section. Or find me over on social media for a cheeky chat! You can also email me, did you know when you sign up to my email list you get a free colouring sheet (plus a new one each month) and a 10% discount code off my website? You can join me here if that tickles your fancy!

Have a splendid springful day!

Annie XOX

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