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  • Annie Heath

- UnChained - Recycled jewellery -

Breathing New Joy into Old Jewellery

♥ Guilt-free & Planet friendly jewellery & Art ♥

As the youngest of 5, I was always the recipient of hand-me-downs. My understanding is that it is unusual that I absolutely loved this! I thought it was magical and wonderful to be receiving something that already had a story, tales to tell, nicks and bumps galore!

I didn’t care what it was, if I could have it I’d take it!

And usually, I would transform it into something new!

As a chronic creator, I just couldn’t help myself!

I never really cared for fashion, I cared for being able to make something unique and completely me! Now I’m grown I’ve still never lost that passion and love for remaking what once was, into something fabulous and new!

This is what the UnChained jewellery rescue is all about!


So What is The UnChained Jewellery Rescue?

The UnChained jewellery rescue is somewhere preloved, unwanted and broken jewellery can be donated to be remade into new jewellery or art pieces by me.

What do you get for donating?

When you donate you will get to choose one of the new pieces created from your donation for free.

Or alternatively, you can choose to have a single-use 50% discount code on any pre-existing jewellery on the website.

(You can make this decision upfront or once a collection has been made from your donation)


What drew me to make this business decision?

As MiniMoon Arts has grown, the ebb and flow of the business had drawn me further and further into the world of sustainability and planet-friendly practices. And as I was looking at and meditatively sifting through my extensive bead collection formed over decades I realised the majority of them came from other jewellery pieces that I had rescued and deconstructed for the purpose of remaking. An act I had publicly shied away from. After all, Who wants secondhand jewellery? Even when it looks new? Well, apparently a lot of people. Our world has evolved and so have we, I'm so proud to be part of a generation who is recognising that buying new isn't always the best.

And I know that's something I want to pass on to my child and the new generation

This isn't me throwing shade at buying new at all as I will still be making pieces from new materials, sourced as ethically and sustainably as possible, but it is me saying, recycled and remade can be just as good if not better.

With a remade piece you will be the proud owner of something no one or very few people will have! You'll be adding a drop to the ocean of fighting all the bad things that are damaging our planet and joining the ripple effect.

I could go on for days (I will be doing other blogs on this so keep your eyes out) about this subject but for now, I'll leave you with the link for donating your unwanted pre-loved jewellery and a link to the very first collection of remade jewellery from The UnChained Jewellery Rescue!

Donation Form

The UnChained Jewellery Rescue

Please share this blog with your friends and help me spread the word!

Remade, rehomed and loved once more!

With all my love and thanks, Annie

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