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  • Annie Heath

What does Valentines day mean to you?

Are you a Valentine's, Galentine's or self-love kinda person?

Isn't it delightful the way we have progressed in our expressions of love? Moving away from the traditional and for many, myself included, just view it as a day to say, "I love you" to everyone and anyone! Much like Leslie Knope I will definitely be invoking the spirit of Galentine's day and sending messages of love to all my besties, I'll put a post on my Facebook and Instagram and obviously, I'll smother Mr Moon with all the love, hugs and kisses. We will decide on a joint pressie that we both want which removes that onus of one getting the other more and it becoming a competition where eventually one will feel rubbish because the other "did better". It all gets a bit silly I think. And takes away from what the day is supposed to mean in modern times. Which in my opinion is just simply a day to stop, take stock and, tell people you love them at a time of year when many suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and could do with a cheeky love boost.

There are several theories on where the day comes from but I wonder, does that even matter? There are so many traditions that just don’t fit the bag anymore with contemporary life and Valentine’s Day feels like one of them. As a society that is evolving to have more care for each other's mental health and trying to put more understanding and productive positivity out rather than toxic positivity into the world, is Valentine’s something completely different now? I sincerely hope so because if we don't grow and evolve into something more amazing and magical then what are we doing?


Yes, I'm sure you're confused right now because surely this blog is essentially a way for me to promote the beautiful jewellery that I have made for Valentine's day right? Well yes! Yes, it is! I have made several beautiful designs with carefully selected beads and crystals. All promoting the beauty of love, protection and healing, or just exceptionally pretty! But I have not advertised them in a traditional heavy way towards men buying for women. I have mostly just advertised them to my audience as valentines jewellery, as beautiful jewellery with hearts and that is about as far as it goes! If a lovely partner wishes to buy them then amazing, if someone decided to pass the link on to their beloved fantastic and if, as many have done, someone has bought them for themselves as a treat then absolutely amazing!

My designs have been created with a distinct lack of red and pink. While I have no problem with those colours it's within my nature as an artist to push against the norm and traditional. So I chose some absolutely beautiful rainbow faceted glass heart beads. Every colour is represented in these stunning beads. And you guys have LOVED them! I've been blown away with the response to these stunners already! I have spent way too much time just sitting with the beautiful hearts shimmering and glittering in the sun, never looking the same showing off a unique pattern at every moment. To me, these represent exactly how we are, with every passing second we are no longer the same person that we were! We grow with every experience whether it is for the good or the bad, we will never be the same any two times and that is the beauty of being you! And the same obviously has to be said about our relationships, if you are always changing then so are your partners, your friends, your family, your children. Once you make this realisation it just makes life that little bit easier! So if you need that reminder, if you need to lose yourself in that trail of thought these will be the perfect fit for you.

The second absolutely exquisite heart-shaped bead I selected was of Abalone shell. Oh my goodness are these absolutely stunning. Iridescence in nature at its peak! No two beads will ever be the same with this stunning natural shell. These carefully sourced beads range from browns, electric blues, aqua to purple and so many more colours. Really showing off that nature is the best creator. As an artist I could never dream of creating something so beautiful, only ever being able to imitate. Which is why I was so drawn to these stunning hearts.

Abalone shell has some wonderful properties which fit gloriously with the nature of valentines. With its gentle warm vibrations, the Abalone shell is perfect for enhancing and amplifying feelings of peace, compassion and love. Its connection with water promotes calmness and tranquillity protecting the wearer or holder from anxieties and the chaos that life often brings. If you own a piece and you find yourself a bit lost at sea, simply hold, rub and look deeply at your abalone and you will find it draws you into a centre of peace within yourself.

The third bead that I selected for my collection is Angel Aura Quartz. I chose this one for its stunning beauty and its unassuming depths. This beautiful crystal is seemingly clear and lacking in colour but actually, it is every colour! You just have to take the time to see them. These crystals are heat-treated at extreme temperatures with precious metals that create the stunning coating which reflects and refracts light in the most glorious way.

You can't spend any time looking at or handling this beautiful stone without feeling joy and calmness go through you. With its positive light, this crystal will promote joy, peace and clarity within you.

And so here I will leave you to the rest of your day, and may it be a truly magical one! If you have made it this far I thank you without end! It means the absolute world to me. I hope I will get to speak to you soon, either on social media, direct messaging or via email! If you want to be sure to be kept up to date please think about signing up to my email list where you will get a cheeky 10% discount code for the website!

Much love and warm hugs,

Annie XOX

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